Alaska Search & Rescue | Medevac Helicopter Service

Alaska Guardian Angels provides a wide variety of emergency services from Airport fire/rescue to SAR/medevac. AGA provides first class ARFF services to airports and large scale airparks as well as temporary airfields for remote projects. AGA operates a state of the art SAR/Medevac helicopter outfitted with rescue hoist and FLIR camera technology.

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We provide emergency search and rescue services throughout Alaska. Our state of the art capabilities allow swift and efficient searches in remote locations. All flights are staffed with paramedics to provide immediate care.

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Our staff of highly trained Paramedics are here to serve you and your family in a time of need. Our crews are available 24/7 to provide top quality emergency medical evacuation care our customers.

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Our professional staff are here to meet the needs of any contract fire service needed for small or large airports. All crews are trained and qualified in both airport and structural firefighting practices.

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We offer a range of membership options to help keep the out of pocket cost down for our customers as well as fellow outdoor/Motorsports enthusiast. MedEvac subscription, Toy Tow™ and Rocky Mountain Toy Tow™ memberships are all available to purchase online 24hrs a day. See our membership page for terms and conditions.


Alaska Emergency Helicopter Services You Can Trust

About Us- Alaskan owned and operated, AGA was founded on the passion to help others in their time of need. Our founder comes from 15 years of Fire/Recue background ranging from industrial/airport firefighting to wilderness search and rescue. “Integrity and Excellence in all we do” and “Giving life a second chance” are the mottos we live by and strive for every day.

Our Mission- We strive for excellence in all that we do and take great pride in our service to our customers and community. Fast, efficient, compassionate care with safety as our #1 goal in all of our operations.

Scope of Care- All of our firefighters have a minimum of a firefighter1/EMT-1 certification. Our SAR/Medevac Helicopter is crewed with Advanced Life Support (ALS) trained personnel who are also trained in many aspects of technical rescues. Our pilots are highly trained professionals with a range of technical experience to help complete their missions in the challenging Alaska backcountry.

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