Alaska Helicopter Medevac

Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Alaska Emergency Medevac Capability

Alaska Guardian Angels Alaska helicopter medevac aircraft “Angels 3” has the ability to respond to accident scenes when requested by local emergency services organizations. This helicopter is outfitted with a medevac quick change system giving us the ability to change between mission roles in a matter of minutes.

“Angels 3” can carry two patients on stretchers when set up in Air Ambulance “mode”. The Helicopter is also outfitted with a hoist system giving our crews the ability to pick up patients in places we cannot land safely.

Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Statewide Medical Evacuation Helicopters

Alaska Guardian Angels smaller Alaska helicopter medevac aircraft, “Angels 4” is our smaller helicopter set up to carry one patient plus crew fast and efficiently. Mainly utilized for an Air Ambulance role, “Angels 4” can also be utilized for Search and rescue operations when called on.

All medevac flights are crewed by at least 2 flight paramedics.

Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Jet Aircraft For Statewide Medical Evacuation

Alaska Guardian Angels offers Medevac services state wide via our Cessna Conquests and our Lear45. From Adak to the North Slope and everywhere in between we have you covered in your time of need.

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