Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Search and Rescue Helicopter Capabilities

Alaska Guardian Angels search and rescue helicopter “Angels Air one” is an BK-117, known throughout the world for their stability and reliability in the SAR/Medevac role. With state of the art weather radar, advanced flight control systems and a 400 mile range we have the ability to get to stranded or injured Alaskan when seconds count.

All flights are crewed by flight paramedic. In addition all flights are crewed with a Rescue Tech/EMT as well as a Hoist/FLIR camera Operator/EMT. Angels Air One is standing by 24/7-365, always ready for Alaskans in need.

Alaska Search and Rescue Services

Night Vision for Alaska Search and Rescue Missions

Our BK-117 is also outfitted with a FLIR camera and monitoring station. This camera gives us an upper edge when finding lost or injured victims. Day or night this camera allows our trained FLIR camera operators to find a single person wondering in an endless sea of snow or vast Alaskan terrain.

Our crews are also trained in the use of our WolfHound Cellphone detector/tracker. With a 1 mile range line of sight we can scan the ground below for cell phone signals and GPS communication signals from most popular personal GPS locator units. Not everyone has a personal locator but almost everyone carries a cell phone.

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